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Custom Sivatag Hounds
#013 MSS Dances with Fire by SecretWindow11
Sivatag Hounds #005-#014 by SecretWindow11
#000 MSS Savannah Brave by SecretWindow11
Fill out this information in the order form

Stable name: (/w abbreviation if applicable)
Geno: please include face markings and if you want markings on the feet.
Age: (can be 1-4 years old)

Remember you must be a member of the group in order to own one. In order to keep your Siva you have to draw a registration piece within 3 weeks of adoption.
Sindow Registrion
Want to register your Sindow? Click the button and tell me which Sindow you want registered.
Semi-Custom Sindow Import
WR Welcome to the Gun Show (#22) by SecretWindow11
WR Dream Weaver (#24) by SecretWindow11
Beast of Exmoor (#9) by SecretWindow11
Upon request, have preferences ready. Design will be base off of what you like. Include name, nickname/stablename (if applicable), personality, gender, and whether you want your Sindow registered, plan to register it, or want to keep it as a street racer. (registration is 10 points extra) In order to own a Sindow, you have to be a member of the group.
Custom Sindow Imports
MvS Ace of Spades (#27) by SecretWindow11
Future Primitive by SecretWindow11
Calder by SecretWindow11
Upon request have the genetics you want ready. Include gender, eye color, and coat length. Also include personality, name, Stablename/Nickname (if applicable), and include whether or not you want to register your Sindow, plan to register it, or keep it as a street racer. (registration is 10 points extra). In order to own a Sindow, you have to be a member of the group.
150 x 150 Pixel
Request Pixel 1 by SecretWindow11
Leto Pixel by SecretWindow11
Pixel Request 2 by SecretWindow11
No movement, just a little pixel of your character. 

Only animal characters, though, please. 
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My commission list…

I love to write, draw, and take pictures.

I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and started photography when I was given my first camera on my sixteenth birthday. I've been writing since about fourteen. I've successfully completed 3 novels (with lots more on the way) and one is published. Most of my free time is spent writing. And a couple unique facts about me...I'm left handed. I am six feet tall. And I've never broken a bone...even though I'm klutzy and accident prone.

I got my first book published in June of 2012. You can find it here… or here… I also have a folder in my gallery about it. It would be a dream to see one of my books made into a movie. I can only hope:)

I have a Facebook page for my book here…

My adoptables account :iconsw11adopts:

grOSS SOBBING .:Contest Prize:. by Live-Laugh-Loki I Puke Happy Flames by SecretWindow11 Leto Pixel by SecretWindow11


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Ragnar Quick Ref by SecretWindow11
Ragnar Quick Ref
I've been trying to get this guy drawn for a while, but I just couldn't seem to find inspiration. At first he was going to be like Pike, but with a vulture head and neck. But it just didn't click. Finally, I ended up with this conglomerate beast. He goes along with these two: Beltane and Pike

The Trickster by SecretWindow11 This is Pike- colored by SecretWindow11 

Ragnar is most like an advisor and guard for Beltane. Even though Beltane is extremely intelligent some of his plans aren't completely feasible. Ragnar is there to sort him out a bit. Ragnar is very even tempered most of the time. He has to be when dealing with Beltane and Pike. He can seem like a grump, but that's just his general attitude. He's almost perpetually annoyed. He can have a temper, though, and typically turns into a raging monster until he calms down. 

The top left sketch is his spirit form. He'll use this from while traveling through realms and/or battling with something. The flames are always kind of glittery, especially when he is passive. The flames surround his neck and the fur on his tail is flame too. If the flame is green watch out. 

His fur is iridescent, which I haven't mastered yet, but I tried. That's why the other two sketches are without it. The top right is my absolute favorite and the first one I made. Ragnar's body isn't more weasel like than canine. It's thin at the back while he's a little thicker up front. He's really not a runner or a sprinter. He can move in short bursts of speed and would rather ambush an enemy than run after one. Other than that, he's happy just to find a warm place to lay and sleep. 

Ragnar is quite big. Probably around six feet at the shoulder. He has optional wings that appear when he needs them to. He'll fly for long periods of time rather than walk. 

And then we have Pike. Ragnar finds the little twit quite annoying as she is quite stupid. Pike is also kind of undead, so if Rangar is feeling overly annoyed he'll just swat her out of the way with a paw or pounce on her, forcefully. 

I'm still developing Ragnar and Pike, as well as the headworld they live in with Beltane. So be prepared for some more sketches of it all. 

Beltane, Ragnar, and Pike are mine. 
Aurals have a Clan of Deities that they look to for help during hard times. I will own the Clan of Gods instead of having my own normal Clan.

Each God/Goddess has a reason for being and a name. They mainly communicate to Aurals through dreams and prophecies.

Alpha Sol (Sun Goddess): She is the life giver, the warmer of souls. She created the light for their world to grow and survive. But she can also be stubborn and unrelenting when fighting with her mate, Alpha Noctis. It causes droughts and baking heat.

Alpha Noctis (Moon God): He is the dark, the sleep giver. Mate of Alpha Sol. He creates night so the sun does not burn everything away. He cools her temper. He gives balance to the world. Where she gives life, he can take it away. He's not a malicious god, dark/night does not equal evil.

They then created the four, their children.

Warrior Balkan (God of Earth, God of Summer):

Warrior Ryven (God of Water, God of Spring)

Warrior Fajra (Goddess of Fire, Goddess of Autumn)

Warrior Esen (Goddess of Wind, Goddess of Winter)

The Warriors then created mortal Aurals. When they realized these mortals needed something more, something they could not do themselves, they called upon their parents to create the Lesser Gods. Those who are strong and live a long time, but eventually die only to be reborn again as a mortal. They then created the healers, so they themselves had no need to return to earth.

Healer Canna (The White Witch): Chosen after a violent and tormented death, Canna's wisdom was needed. The Warriors knew she had been a healer before, but with no power. They granted her water, to heal the mortals that were beyond the help of their Clan, the ones who did not deserve to die.

Healer Rook (The Lightning Born): Rook, the lone survivor of his clan was born with great power. His life after that was twisted and dark. His struggle to do right haunted Healer Canna. One night, she went to him, offered him solace, a family. Rook followed her and now stands as her second. He had done and will do right for those he can protect.

Canna was then given the chance to add to the Clan of Gods. The Warriors wanted to thank her for her wisdom and strength. She was then able to create a daughter. This daughter was sweet and loving, they realized that their Clan needed something else, a Caretaker, to keep them all happy. Canna also thought she would be a wonderful mate for Rook, but Rook is Rook and he doesn't take to others well. The scars of his past still haunt him.

Eliora the Caretaker (The Mother): She is the one Aurals pray to for the safe birth of their pups. She is also that of love and friendship. The one of family and close knit bonds.

Despite Canna's attemps at match making Rook and Eliora stayed best friends while Eliora went on to have pups with a mortal. They became the Demi-Gods. The Hunter and the Gatherer.

Cressida (She of the Hunt, The Huntress): When Aural hunting parties go out they pray to her for a successful kill. She is as quick as a deer, as agile as a falcon. The howls to bring spirit clans together for a hunt. She is wilderness.

Ilan (The Gatherer): Aurals pray to him for successful foraging. He is that of tree's, of bountiful fruit. Of being one with the land around him.

Each of these powerful Aurals keep their world in line. They make sure to keep their children happy and safe. But there is one who strayed. One who strayed down the wrong path long ago. The Dark one. The Sister to Noctis. She is Senka, the shadow.

Senka (Goddess of Death, The Black Witch): As her brother takes souls whose time it was to leave, Senka takes those unwillfully. She is black-hearted, one of disease and plague. Blood and violence. She is the one Aurals fear.

Senka is constantly after her brother and what he has created. She's eternally insane and wants a kingdom of darkness. She's the one who ordered the hit on Rook's clan, because she wants his power, wants to have him for her own use to bring about the end.

So this is about it for Aural Lore. I will be making ref sheets for all these characters and you may draw them whenever you please.
:bulletgreen:You can make your own Aural Clan.

:bulletgreen:Several people may own one Clan as well.

:bulletgreen:You can name your clan whatever you like. You can even make a group for your Clan. Your Clan cannot have the same name as someone else's. I will be keeping a list.

:bulletgreen:You make the rules for you Clan, whether it be only for those of Lightning Energy or all black Aurals. Just be fair. I am not responsible for any fights you kick up, but I will keep an eye out. If I feel that you are abusing the privilege owning an Aural, then I have the right to remove any and all Aurals from your possession.

:bulletgreen: The max amount of Aurals to one clan is 35.

:bulletgreen: Aurals are very territorial, they do not align themselves with any other Clan unless the circumstances are dire.

:bulletgreen: Each clan has a system of ranks. Each Aural can have a specific rank and do nothing else, or it can do several depending on the size of your clan.
Alpha Male
Alpha Female
Healer (2:5 ratio)

:bulletgreen: To leave one Clan and join another is not unheard of. In order to switch Clans you must let me know and the owner of the Clan you are switching to must have given approval.

:bulletgreen: You can own only one Clan, but all the Aurals you own do not have to be a part of that Clan. They can be a part of another Clan.

:bulletgreen: Clans will have ranking when things get going. Clan ranking is comprised of how many battles won by said Clan.

:bulletgreen: In order to join a clan you have to fill out an 'application'. It's just so I know what you are doing and why. Here is the form and you can fill it out here.

Aurals Ref or Adoption Sheet:
Clan it is in now: If applicable
Rank Held:
Clan it is joining:

:bulletorange: Once you have an established Clan (all ranks filled by at least one Aural), you are allowed to sell Aurals that 'want to go off on their own and find a new clan'. You can not sell an Aural without getting approval from me first and you get approval by commenting with the Aural you want to sell. After it is sold, please tell me who it was sold to so that I can contact them.

:bulletgreen: Once you have an established Clan, you can hold your own events, as long as you have gotten it approved by me first. You make your own rules and provide your own prizes, but I am the only one who can hand out skill points.
Aurals can be bred, however there are a few rules to follow in order to do so.

-Alpha's can breed up to 20 times.
-Warriors can breed up to 15 times.
-Hunter/Gatherers can breed up to 10 times.

:bulletgreen:Caretakers are generally the females of the group with pups already. Omega's also help take care of the offspring because they are not allowed to breed until they rank up to Hunter/Gatherer.

:bulletgreen:Healers do not breed. They are dedicated to their craft. They can have mates, but they normally live a singular life.

:bulletgreen:Inbreeding is something Aurals don't do. They are intelligent enough to know that defects may occur. Plus, family ties are strong. Females and males that stay in the clan find mates. Aurals know that in order to keep a clan growing, that their offspring must find a mate of their own, so leaving the Clan to find a mate is not a bad thing. Aurals can join a clan for a mate or they can bring the mate back to their Clan.

:bulletgreen: Some Aurals pair for life while others are more promiscuous.

:bulletgreen:Pups are born in litters that number from 1-5. They are born with their eyes closed like real life puppies.

:bulletgreen:Pups horns are nubs when they are born and their mane is fluffy and short, think baby horse manes. Both horns and manes grow out over time. The back spurs on their feet are also quite dull, as not to hurt the mother during birthing.

:bulletgreen: Pelt patterns and colors depend wholly on the parents. Aurals are not born with random colors. If one parent has The Energy, then there is a very slim chance that it'll be passed down to the pups. (1 out of 10 pups). If both parents have The Energy, then it has a better chance of being passed down. (1 out of 5 pups)

:bulletgreen:If a pup has The Energy, it will not be able to fully access its power. It will have to learn how to harness it and control it.

:bulletgreen:Some pups stay with the family, but it is natural for others to strike out and find a clan of their own. Most clans accept young ones looking for a new place to live, as some clans are quite small.

:bulletgreen:Breedings between two different Clans is unheard of.

:bulletorange: Since some Aurals do go out on their own, you are allowed to sell the pups that you don't want, but only after they are grown. I will give you prices to sell them for.

:bulletorange:Before selling you must notify me.


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